Кафедра микробиологии

Department of Microbiology
Biology faculty, Lomonosov State University

The head of the department: Netrusov Alexander Ivanovich, Doctor of Science, professor

Netrusov Alexander Ivanovich

Study of physiology and biochemistry of phototrophs and chemotrophs:

- carbonic, nitric and sulphuric metabolism;
- bioenergetics of methylotrophs;
- microbiological transformation of nitrogenous heterocycles;
- enzymes of microorganisms;
- oxygen defence mechanisms in strict anaerobes;
- regulation of a microbe metabolism;
- study of the structure of a cell wall;
- formation of different antibiotics;
- study of the processes of bacterial dissociation;
- study of antimutagenic effect of bacteria;
- microbiological purification of the soils, contaminated with polychlorinated phenols/biphenyls;
- metabolism of DNA in propionic bacteria etc.

Biology faculty of
Lomonosov State University

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